BLACKJACK (professional)

Blackjack is definitely the most popular game in the casino. Our Blackjack tables stand as tall as the tables in Las Vegas, and are complete with black upholstered rails and black skirting for a very elegant look. The Blackjack tables are enhanced with chip trays that are sunken into the tabletop, and our dealers deal from a dealing shoe. Dealers follow Las Vegas rules for Blackjack, where the players’ cards are dealt up and the dealers cards are dealt one up, one down. All Blackjack are stand-up bar height, allowing your guests to mix and mingle at your event.

Main features:

  100% deep dyed green billiard cloth

  Fully upholstered rail

  Stand up bar height 36” Metal folding legs

  Table top is 72” wide by 42” deep

  Table is built with solid 3⁄4” Birch wood

  Black ruffled skirting which covers the perimeter (easy Velcro strip)

  Weight is approximately 40 pounds; can be carried by 1 person with built in handle

  Comes complete with dealing shoe, sunken chip tray and 350 chips, 2 decks of actual linen casino playing cards, lucite discard holder (Velcro attachment)


BLACKJACK (tabletop)

Main features:

  Very lightweight folded/rolled felt; 6 will fit (folded) on the front seat of any vehicle

  This is a soft piece of fabric only, with layout printed on it

  Measures 72” wide x 36” deep and lays across any table that client provides

  Comes complete with dealing shoe, chip tray and 350 chips, 2 decks of actual linen casino playing cards


LARGE CRAPS (professional)

Craps is the most impressive looking of all the games . Taking up around 120 square feet when full with players, the Crap table really sets the look and action for the party.

Main features:

  Full size Casino table, 12 feet long and 4 feet wide

  Made entirely of solid wood

  Comes in 11 pieces; takes approximately 20 minutes to set up

  Deep dyed billiard cloth

 Rail for customers’ drinks

  Pyramid bumper rubber for accurate dice rolls

  Comes complete with two sets of chip trays (700 chips), on/off pucks, 6 sharp, straight edge, 19mm Grade A precision balanced dice from actual casinos (sharp edged)


SMALL MINI CRAPS (professional)

Main features:

  Exactly like a shrunken down version of our full size crap, this table is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide and is an absolutely beautiful piece of equipment (made of solid wood)

  Pyramid bumper rubber and deep dyed billiard cloth

  Heavy (75 pounds) with wooden legs

  All one piece of equipment; sets up in 5 minutes once it’s in place

  Comes complete with chip tray and 350 chips, on/off pucks, 6 sharp, straight edge, balanced dice from actual casinos


POKER (professional)

Main features:

  Velour, soft Green Felt, same as a Vegas Casino

  Comfortable padded rail

  Two foldable metal table legs

  built in spots to place drinks

  Sit down table; any regular chairs without arm rails will work

  Seats up to 10

  Table size: 84″ long X 42″ wide X 30″ high

  Weight: 54 lbs


POKER (octagonal bi-fold table top)

Main features:

  (8) player position poker table top (lays on table you provide)

  Individual trays for poker chips

  drink holder at every position

  Made from 1/2″ wood; can fit several in trunk of vehicle

  Covered with a professional style green felt

  Size: 48″ x 48″

  Weight approximately 15 pounds


POKER (bi-fold or tri-fold table top)

Main features:

  Velour soft green felt replicates professional look

  Lays on top of table you provide

  Comfortable padded rail

  Drink holders at each position

  Folds for easy transportation

  79” long by 36” wide (40” or 26” long folded, for easy transportation in trunk of any vehicle)

  Weight approximately 20 pounds


ROULETTE (professional)

Roulette, the game of Kings and the royalty of Europe, originated in France. It’s truly a mesmerizing game to play, watching and listening to the big wheel spin. We have three different very nice roulette wheels to complement our authentic casino tables.

Main features:

  100% deep dyed multi-colored billiard cloth

  Fully upholstered rail

  Stand up bar height 36” metal folding legs

  Wrap around pleated black skirting

  Table top is 96” long by 42” deep

  Table is built from solid 3⁄4” Birch wood

  Black ruffled skirting which covers the perimeter (easy Velcro strip)

  Weight is approximately 75 pounds

  Comes complete with chip tray and 350 chips, professional roulette pills and marker

  Choice of 32” antique oak roulette wheel, 20” wood wheel, or 18” bakelite wheel, depending on your budget


ROULETTE (rental)

Main features:

  Velour felt fabric

  Stand up, bar height with pleated skirt

  96” long x 48” wide

  Made of 3⁄4 inch plywood

  Weight approximately 50 pounds (takes two people to carry)


WHEEL OF FORTUNE (professional)

Main features:

Either of our 60-inch or 36-inch wheels mounted on an eight foot tall pole, makes for a very eye- catching piece of equipment. This game is perfect for beginners because it is very easy to play in relation to the other games.  Every wheel comes with a 4′ by 8′ table which stands in front (bar height) for players to place their bets

Smaller wheels (42” and 36”) can be rented and customized to show prizes, dollar amounts, etc. They weigh 20 pounds each and will fit in the trunk or back seat of a larger car. They can be mounted on a table top stand or on a six-foot pole to give just the look you need.