Over the years we have developed the PERFECT mathematical formula to maximize the entertainment value for your guests.  As they arrive, each guest receives an envelope containing all the play money they will need for the evening.

This fits nicely in a jacket pocket, purse, or even a pants pocket.  When they are ready to play the games, they go to whatever table they wish and et chips for one of the bills (that way they are not going to be carrying around a  bunch of chips from game to game).

The chips have five different denominations, and the maximum bets are calculated so that the guests’ play money will last for the entire gaming time.  These betting limits will increase every 45 minutes, so as to keep your guests interested in playing the games.  This “simulates” the really fun part of “riding a winning streak!”  The casino games are designed so that the real odds are slightly altered so that the guests have a much better chance of winning (obviously that’s the most fun and this IS ENTERTAINMENT!)

As your guests move from table to table our dealers will ask to exchange the chips they have accumulated for larger denominations of chips or play money, so that a guest doesn’t have to fill their pockets with chips.  We make the gaming as easy as possible; all designed for the guests’ ease and enjoyment.